Sunday, November 18, 2012

It Doesn't Add Up

I know very little about math. I dropped algebra when I embarrassingly found out “PI” was not the same as my mother made. I can add, subtract, multiply, and divide; after that, other than these listed, it’s all just a bunch of jumbled figures. And so I’ll have to borrow the brains of others to make my point.

I am told, in geometry, that part which completes a circle is known as the “compliment,” or “completer.” Whether it is a circle that needs very little to complete it, or one that needs a great amount, that part that completes is still known as the “compliment.” What I am desperately attempting to convey to you is the fact that the less of the circle, more of the compliment is needed.

There are many of us who feel we come so miserably short in our Christian lives. But we need to remember, “[We] are complete in Him.”  Truly, He is our Compliment! He can make up in every area of our life where we are incomplete. The less there is of us, the more there will be of Him.

Do we need patience? Then let us pray, “Lord, be my patience this very hour.” Maybe you are lacking in wisdom, strength, peace, contentment, courage, or any number of things. Why not right now pray this simple prayer, “Lord, at this exact moment be thou my________________. If you will do this by faith, He will fill-in the blank for you.

All the aforementioned doesn’t add-up, unless you put God in the equation!

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