Wednesday, November 28, 2012

*Roses and Whiskey Bottles

Years ago, I heard the following story told by a preacher who ran a skid-row mission in Houston, Texas. It seems the place where he met with his little flock of derelicts was very dull and drab, which only added to the dreariness of these poor souls. And so, attempting to brighten up the place, he took a beautiful, fragrant, red rose; put it in a bottle, then set it on a table by the door they entered. He said there was not a harlot, drunkard, or drug addict, which did not comment on it. It seemed to uplift each spirit, by its appearance. He said, not one noticed the old, discarded whiskey bottle he had filled with water to put it in.

Paul mentions in the book of Colossians the mystery of “Christ in you.” And he told the Corinthian believers that they had this “treasure in earthen vessels.” What a blessing to think God chose this old sinful worthless crockpot to pour the water of life into, then added that lovely, fragrant, exquisite Rose of Sharon!”  

I say “Amen” to my favorite Puritan writer, Thomas Watson, when he asks the question, “Do you love to see Christ’s picture in a saint, though hung in never so poor a frame?”

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