Monday, February 25, 2013

Those Crazy Christians

For a person to say an $8,000 dollar Rolex watch, with all its intricate mechanical movements, just came into being on its own, without an intelligent designer, they would have to be crazy. To say bitter is sweet, and evil is good, to love the dark and hate light, would be to consider one mad. Yet I have just described for you the world in which we live.

Someone has rightly said, “The world is an insane asylum run by the inmates.” The tragedy is, they all think they’re normal and the caretakers are weird. They believed one of the greatest minds that ever existed, if not the greatest (Paul), was mad, and that the sinless Son of God was beside himself (Crazy). Is it any wonder then that all His true followers down through history have been tagged with this honor?

The early Christians were accused of trying to “turn the world upside down.” No! They were simply attempting to turn the world right side up. And for this they were considered crazy. And so are we beloved.

Christian, beware of trying to get the attention, applause, and acceptance of a world that has gone mad!

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